The preferred choice of a wholesome meal, this style of biryani is prepared and served in restaurants and households across the country. Tender pieces of beef are cooked to perfection in a rich broth of brown onions, pungent whole spices, tomatoes, yogurt and a blend of Kausar’s fragrant seasoning. With lovely golden potatoes, yellow-orange rice is decorated with caramelized onions, coriander and mint leaves. The dish not only looks beautiful its also full of flavor.


1 kg pieces of Chicken / Beef
1 kg Basmati Rice soaked in 4-5 cups of water for 30 minutes
3 finely sliced Onions / 175 gmKausar ready to cook fried onions
200 gms chopped Tomatoes
3-4 Potatoes peeled and cut into half
3 tbspKausar Ginger Paste
1 tbsp Garlic Paste
6-8 Green Chillies
1 bundle of Mint Leaves
1 bundle of Coriander Leaves
1 cup Yogurt
1-11/2 cups of Ghee / Oil
1 packet of Kausar Karachi Biryani masala

Meanwhile, boil 10-12 glasses of water. Add 2 tbsp of salt and soaked rice. Once the rice is half cooked, remove from heat, drain the water and set the rice aside to cool. Add food coloring if desired. Spread rice over the cooked meat and garnish with caramelized onions. Cover and cook on low heat till the pulao biryani is ready. Mix well before serving.